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My name is Valia Fetisov . I'm a media artist and software engineer interested in the intersection of social psychology and technology. More specifically, my passion is constructing artificial situations to explore people's reactions. If you don't want to read further, here is a video that introduces my work.
Currently I'm working as a fellow at the Digital Earth fellowship, study at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and working on the new project titled “Call to action”. Recent projects include Diane and Be my friend.
But the key work for understanding the direction of my interests is the Installation of experience (2011). It is a room with an automatic door at the entrance, which closes each time someone comes in, so people are trapped there for an unknown amount of time with no instructions for how to get out.
To get deeper into my story, I started to work in the field in 2010 with a project called The Worst: I explored an existing photographic website by collecting the worst images according to the community rankings. I was interested in the phenomenon of leftovers or in the ability of a community to force out some specific materials.
Some of my other works include: Space of a sound (2011), a distributed sound trap; Control yourself (2012), a way of entering into a video surveillance system; and Paranoiapp (2015), a tool or social psychology experiment in the form of a mobile application.
For Control Yourself I used the existing surveillance system of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, and also installed several additional CCTV cameras to fully cover the exhibition space. Videos were transmitted from every camera to wireless video glasses in real time. Anyone could put them the glasses on, find himself in the image and then try to walk through the museum halls. Thus, the exhibition space would become virtual for the viewer, who would find himself an object and a subject of his own interest at the same time.
As it turned out, it is very difficult to use this image to orient in the space. The imperceptible restriction is the difference between one's sensation and the information obtained from the image.
Slide 01 of 02. View through the video glasses during the “Co-Workers” exhibition, 2015. Photo: © Brian du Halgouet
Slide 02 of 02. Installation view during the “Co-Workers” exhibition, 2015. Photo: © Brian du Halgouet
Current exhibition: “General Rehearsal” in Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia, till September 16th. Past events
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